Nuestra increíble experiencia con CAIL

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Hello, we are Bogolyub and Sofia and we are on the Erasmus program in Bologna, Italy.

On June 4 we were in Casalecchio. The people we met were very kind and polite. We helped and taught the children about the recycling path. We were playing games with them related to this initiative, and so they made costumes of recycled material for their parents’; performance. Children sang songs on the subject. They were interested where we are from and our culture. We told them about Bulgaria – about where it is, with whom we bordered, and about our customs and food, as well as some typical Bulgarian music and dances. The children were interested in asking us different questions about us and our country.

On June 5 we were in the ‘’March 8, 1908’’ Library. We met many volunteers, around our age, and that’s why we understand each other. They were very friendly and helped us to feel comfortable there. As the day before, the topic was about recycling. The children had made outfits of paper and cardboard. We were singing songs and we were having fun.

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